Chromebook User Agreement

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A Chromebook is being loaned to you in good working order and it is your responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure it is returned in the same condition as it was borrowed. In library use Chromebooks CANNOT leave the library and may be checked out for a 2 hour loan period.  Short-term loan Chromebooks are intended to be a stop gap measure as you arrange for repair or replacement of your personal computer. The Chromebooks are intended to be your permanent computing solution.

This equipment is, and at all time remains, the property of Cairn University. It is being loaned to you for educational purposes during the time you have it checked out. The inappropriate use of this device may result in losing the right to checkout equipment in the future.

By signing this form I agree to the following:

1. The Chromebook checked out to me is my responsibility and will stay in my possession at all times. I will not borrow it on behalf of another student.

2. If the Chromebook is not returned, stolen or damaged while in my possession I am responsible for the replacement cost (minimum charge of $300).

3. Two Types of Chromebooks
In-Library Use Chromebooks: Available for two hours and can be renewed if no holds have been placed. If not returned on time, will accrue overdue charges at the rate of $5/hour.

Short-term Use Chromebooks: Available for 3 weeks and 1-week renewal if no holds are placed. Short-term use Chromebooks cannot be used beyond this time frame.

This agreement will be kept on record and on my library account for this current academic year.