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The Masland Library values your interest in strengthening the collections and offerings at Cairn University. In-kind donations are considered as a new acquisition and, therefore, are carefully reviewed.  As a result of the review, occasionally donations are not added to the library’s collections for reasons such as duplication, materials falling outside of current areas of study, and materials found to be in poor condition. Upon receipt of the donated materials they are considered property of the University.  Unless otherwise noted, donated materials not added to the library’s collection are offered to the University community and/or made available to third party sellers.

After an in-kind donation is received, you will receive a gift-in-kind form for tax purposes.  Due to federal regulations, the University is not able to place a monetary value on any collection.

Materials can be brought to the Masland Library Monday-Thursday during the hours of 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

If you are interested in supporting the Cairn University Masland Library in other ways, please contact Graham Thorpe, Vice President for Stewardship & Development at Thank you for investing in the lives of our students and the mission of Cairn University.

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