Information Literacy Class Visit Request

Enhance your students' paper-writing skills and guide them towards more scholarly resources with the valuable assistance of the library. Our Information Literacy Sessions are designed to acquaint your students with the extensive array of resources accessible through the Masland Library, empowering them for academic success. When arranging an IL Session, keep in mind the following pointers:

  •  Align the session with an upcoming assignment, strategically timing it either when you initially introduce the project or approximately one month prior to the assignment's deadline. This ensures that the library's support coincides with the students' specific needs.
  • Plan to schedule the session 1-2 weeks ahead of your preferred date to grant the library ample time to effectively prepare for your students' visit. This preparation guarantees a tailored and enriching experience for your students during the session; however, we will work with last minute requests to accomodate unforseen academic requirements.

By incorporating these considerations into your scheduling process, you can optimize the benefits your students reap from the Information Literacy Session. Your collaboration with the library will undoubtedly foster improved research and writing capabilities among your students.

Session Time Frame Options

Use the following descriptions when asked to select an anticipated time frame for the session:

  • Short Introduction (15 minutes)
    • Goal: Introduce students to 1-2 library services or resources
    • Brief overiew of a service, resource, or tool (e.g. library account, signing up for newspapers, keeping current, basics of Academic Writer, )
  • Digging Deeper (30 to 45 minutes)
    • Goal: Delve deeper into library resources and explore multiple options for locating/using information 
    • Topics can include but not limited to:
      • Navigating Research Guides
      • Research Process (including topic selection, research questions, keywords)
      • Searching for Resources
      • Library account and research logs
      • Using library tools such as Academic Writer
  • Research Deep Dive (full class)
    • Goal: Explore the depths and intricacies of the research process and library resources with the opportunity for questions and one-on-one assistance
(example: ENG 101 session 1)
(example: BLC 122A)
Please select an anticipated time frame for the session (see above for time frame descriptions).
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