Requesting Print Book(s) to be Shipped

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Cairn University's Masland Library has launched a new service to distance students living at least 50 miles from the campus within the contiguous United States. 

  • A student can receive a maximum of 10 books shipped via UPS.
  • The library is responsible for the shipping costs to the student and the student is responsible for the return shipping costs.
  • The library can only send books located in the general collection (stacks or storage). Items located in reserve, reference, curriculum, archives, rare book or oversized will not be sent.
  • Required texts (course textbooks) cannot be sent.
  • Damaged or fragile items cannot be sent and patron will be notified.
  • The library cannot send any items available as an ebook.
  • The library reserves the right to purchase the ebook of a title and provide access information.
  • During the regular semester, the student will receive shipping confirmation within 2 business days of request submitted. Holidays and summer schedule may vary.

By filling out this form you agree to the following:

1. Shipping to the student: Masland Library takes responsibility for the shipping TO the student. All packages are shipped via UPS with tracking and insurance. Any loss or damages incurred in transit is the repsonsibility of the Library.

2. Receiving and use of the book: Any noticeable damage to the book, upon receipt, must be communicated to the library via email ( Student agrees to the checkout policies, including duration, fines and replacement fees.

3. Returning to the library: The student is responsible to return the books back TO the Library in a timely manner and in the condition it was received. Loss or damages incurred in transit is the responsibility of the student.

4. Checkin: The library will use the postmark on the package as the checkin date.

Include: title, author, call number and, permanent url to the record. \nSearch for titles at:\nThe library can only send books located in the general collection stacks and storage. Reserve, reference, curriculum, oversized will not be sent.
I agree to follow the library lending policies including returning books back on time and in their original condition.
I am a current distance education student living at least 50 miles from Langhorne, PA and within the contiguous United States.