Upphaf kirkjusöngs

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  • Author(s): Njáll Sigurðsson (Author)
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    Article in a collection of essays
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    Includes: illustrations, bibliography
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    • English Title:
      The origin of singing in the church
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      Main Record
    • Major Topics:
      93: Music in liturgy and ritual -- Catholic
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    • Abstract:
      English: By the adoption of Christianity a new period of music history began in Iceland. So-called Gregorian chants were brought into use, monophonic church singing to Latin lyrics. Service chanting was performed by priests and deacons but congregation singing by a choir. In the Roman Church the singing changed little from medieval times to the present. With the advent of the schools in Skálholt, Hólar and the monasteries, church singing developed into a form almost unchanged from the Middle Ages until the reformation in the 16th c.
    • Abstract:
      Stefanía Arnórsdóttir
    • Source:
      Frumkristni og upphaf kirkju. Series: Kristni á Íslandi, No. 1. Published by: Alþingi, Reykjavík, 2000. Pages: 318-319., (Link to This Item) (Link to All Related Parts)
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