Tónlist á Íslandi

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  • Author(s): Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson (Author)
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    Book: monograph
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    Reykjavík: Norræna húsið
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    Includes: illustrations
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    • English Title:
      Music in Iceland
    • Record Type:
      Main Record
    • Major Topics:
      21: Western art music -- History. General
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    • Abstract:
      English: Icelanders and music have been inseparable through the centuries. Adopting Christianity in the year 1000, they set about avidly to establish schools at the bishoprics at Skálholt in the south, and Hólar in the north. The church and the monasteries needed much singing, and soon Icelanders became diligent copyists of liturgical music. Unfortunately, after the Lutheran reformation in the 16th c., those beautiful manuscripts had outlived their immediate usefulness, and it is amazing that any fragments survived the forthcoming centuries of poverty and natural disasters. An emissary of the bishop in Skálholt, Arngrímur Brandsson—after spending all his time at the organ in Trondheim, Norway, instead of carrying out his duties—returned with an organ in 1329. At about that time, Bishop Lárentius Kálfsson forbids all singing in two or three parts, calling it "foolishness". From the 14th c., we can also trace the beginnings of the peculiar folk-art of rímur, a sing-song recitation of ballads which has survived until today. Now there are some societies which try to keep that 600-year-old tradition alive.
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