Alter-Politics : Critical Anthropology and the Radical Imagination

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      This book is a contribution to a long history of critical writing against an increasingly destructive global order marked by an excessive instrumentalisation, exploitation and degradation of the human and non-human environment, and ridden with unacceptable, but also, importantly, avoidable, forms of inequality, injustice and marginalisation.Alter-Politics is concerned with the way anthropological critical writing in particular aims to weave oppositional concerns (anti-politics) with a search for alternatives (alter-politics): alternative economies, alternative modes of inhabiting and relating to the earth, alternative modes of thinking and experiencing otherness.If Alter-Politics privileges alter-politics over oppositional politics, it is not because, as is made clear, the'alter'moment is more important than the'anti'. It is because a concern for alter-politics has been less prevalent. The question of'political passion'is crucial in this conception of the alter-political. For the book argues that it is because radical political passion has been mostly directed towards anti-politics that it has come to dominate over alter-politics. This does not simply mean that political passion needs to be equally directed towards alter-politics. It also means that this passion itself needs to be a radically different kind of political passion once so directed. It is this'alter-political passion'that Hage strives to create a space for throughout Alter-Politics.
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